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3 Shocking Ways Plastic Surgery Can Help Your Career

Although in an ideal world everything in the workplace would be based on actual merit. The way you look and present yourself greatly affects your career and opportunities.

However, first impression aren’t exactly everything. You can change your appearance with plastic surgery and become more self-confident and achieve a higher level of self-esteem. Those who make hiring and promotion decisions will certainly take notice in your demeanor and how you carry yourself.

Jupiter Plastic Surgery Center

Still not convinced? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conducted a survey that showed thatwomen in the work force are significantly affected by a correlation between plastic surgery and opportunities in the workplace. Out of 756 women (between eighteen and sixty-four years of age), three-fifths believed that plastic surgery has helped them further their career and has positively led to their overall self-worth within a company, particularly difficult economic conditions.

The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect was first discovered by researcher, Edward Thorndike. The name is quite self-explanatory in that it refers to the “halo” around the head of the person perceived to be held in high regard. This perception is based on the thoughts and feelings of the observer when coming in contact with a person, such as during interactions at work or during an interview for a position.

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In a narrower sense, the halo effect allows people to believe you are more powerful than you actually are, based on one aspect of your character, such as an attractive face or a well-tailored suit. This does not always have to do with superficial aspects, such as those that can be helped by plastic surgery. One common example is landing new clients and closing deals. Those who are confident and attractive are said to have an easier time working with customers, ultimately leading to more promotions and opportunities.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery in the Workplace

You can’t succeed in the workplace or any career without confidence. Plastic surgery is one way that can help boost confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth levels. For women, signs of aging indicate a less competitive advantage in the workplace. Unfortunately, youth indicates attractiveness, eagerness, drive, and success, among a number of other equally desirable traits that customers and co-workers find attractive.

While of course this may not be true in some industries and some workplace atmospheres, the way you feel in the workplace and the way you carry yourself will certainly positively affect your performance. For example, procedures like Botox injections can help to regain youthful and healthy features through plastic surgery.

Lunchtime Treatments

Plastic surgery treatment options that are easy and convenient are another added benefit and boost their overall popularity. Some procedures are even known as “lunchtime treatments” due to the brevity and minimally invasive surgical options such as facial filler injections. Executives and entrepreneurs enjoy having the ability to look better, feel more confident, and even save time and money in the process. In addition, since the level of discomfort and downtime is at an absolute minimum, customers experience little to no loss in productivity at work.

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