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4 Common Changes in a Rhinoplasty Procedure

One reason patients visit our rhinoplasty surgeon West Palm Beach is they are looking for our extensive nasal anatomy knowledge, experience, cutting-edge surgical skills, keen sense of beauty and aesthetics, and the ability to listen to a patient about their plastic surgery goals.

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Rhinoplasty procedures include an intricate treatment requiring a surgeon to have all these unique attributes to accomplish the highest opportunity at achieving success. Here include four common changes requested:

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Is Skin Resurfacing the Right Treatment for You?

Skin resurfacing procedures, including chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion, are used to resurface the outer layers of skin to help minimize wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and other signs of aging. While they are highly effective treatments, they may not be ideal for everyone.

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When you meet with a cosmetic surgeon, a few things will be discussed, including your skin type, ethnicity, and age. If you have previous burns to the skin or a darker skin color, you may require a special evaluation to make sure you are a candidate for these treatments as they could discolor your skin permanently.

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6 Things Every Patient Should Know About Botox

Botox has been used for years in cosmetic procedures and is a fixture on the Hollywood red carpet, but it is not meant just for movie stars. In fact, Botox offers a variety of benefits to patients—from preventing new wrinkles to relaxing existing wrinkles to giving you a more youthful appearance. If you are considering a Botox injection session, here are six things you should know.

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Only Work with a Professional

There are a lot of “professionals” out there offering Botox injections, but this technology goes beyond just knowing how to inject with a needle. Botox requires precision work, experience, and extensive training. For natural-looking, successful results, you need to work with a professional that uses Botox frequently and truly understands how it works as well as the potential complications and side effects.

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Want to Look 30 When You’re 50? Stop Doing These Things Now

Everyone wants to look younger than they really are. But, what steps are you taking right now to look younger? It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are most likely doing things that age your face immensely…even without knowing it! If you want to look 30 even when you’re 50 or 60 there are a few things you can do now to help.

stop-smokingStop Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst health habits people can do, especially when it comes to your skin. Nicotine forces the small blood vessels in your face to strangulate themselves, depriving your skin of necessary oxygen. You’ll not only get those telltale lip lines, but you may notice your face ages faster the more you smoke.

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5 Things to Review Before Hiring Your Plastic Surgeon

The right surgeon for your cosmetic surgery can make all of the difference in outcome. After all, the plastic surgery you receive is something that will last you the rest of your life and can be difficult to reverse. Therefore, you should base your decision on five very important things: board certification, experience, ethics, work history, and personality.

Board Certification

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Not all surgeons are the same, and only those who are certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery or ABPS should be considered for your surgical procedure. To receive this prestigious board certification, your surgeon has a track record for success and has low complications rates after their procedures. Also, not all board certifications are the same. So, do not automatically assume a surgeon that is “board certified” has the same quality and training as another. You can check if your surgeon is board certified on the American Board of Medical Specialties.

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Skin Care Services West Palm Beach

3 Most Common Skin Care Procedures

Not all skin care procedures are invasive. In fact, the three most common skin care procedures performed in the U.S. are same day procedures that require little to no recovery time—and even better, they’re affordable for just about every budget. Each has their own unique set of benefits, purposes, and recovery considerations. The three most common include chemical peels, Botox treatments, and laser therapy.

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Facelift Surgery Boca Raton

What is the Recovery Process after a Facelift?

A facelift is a serious medical procedure. While it may help you look younger by removing facial wrinkles and tightening up your loose skin, the process itself is extensive. Your plastic surgeon should take special precautions to ensure healing is as fast and as healthy as possible, but the overall recovery time will still be four to six weeks.

Immediately Following Your Procedure

Once the surgery is complete, your surgeon will wrap the area in a supportive dressing, which stays in place for forty-eight to seventy-two hours. Drains may be used, temporarily, and will be removed prior to you leaving the recovery room. Most patients are allowed to go home the same day of their facelift, but the first twenty-four hours can be the most uncomfortable.

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Rhinoplasty Surgeon Jupiter

Disadvantages and Advantages of Rhinoplasty

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, includes a procedure, which may alter the look of the nose in subtle ways or dramatic fashion. Prior to embarking on your surgical journey, it is vital that you be aware of some things prior to beginning the procedure.

You might be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery if you feel the potential benefits outweigh the possible risks and have realistic expectations. Like any life choice, opting to undergo any type of surgical procedure has its disadvantages and advantages.

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Surgery for Sun Damage

What You Can Do about Sun Damage

The Florida sun can be brutal. The good news is you don’t have to stop enjoying it with the help of a West Palm Beach plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, sun damage is extremely dangerous and can easily affect you, even if you take all the necessary proper precautions. The sun is a powerful force and it does not necessarily take a lot of exposure to change the characteristics of your skin.

Have you noticed unsightly changes in your skin such as raised bumps (solar keratoses), scaly or rough skin, sagging skin, enlarged blood vessels, age spots, or an uneven tan? All of these aspects can be improved with the help of a plastic surgeon. Find out about the treatment options available to you from your local West Palm Beach plastic surgeon.

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3 Shocking Ways Plastic Surgery Can Help Your Career

Although in an ideal world everything in the workplace would be based on actual merit. The way you look and present yourself greatly affects your career and opportunities.

However, first impression aren’t exactly everything. You can change your appearance with plastic surgery and become more self-confident and achieve a higher level of self-esteem. Those who make hiring and promotion decisions will certainly take notice in your demeanor and how you carry yourself.

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