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Buccal Fat Removal (Cheek Fat Removal)

Sometimes called buccal fat pad removal, the goal of this procedure is to give the cheeks a slimmer and more contoured appearance. This applies especially to the area of the lower cheek.

This is procedure is for patients that find that a fuller, rounder face makes them too “flabby” or “chubby” looking. These people can now opt to have a buccal fat removal done.

Cheek Fat Removal

What is Buccal Fat?

One common question patients have is” what is buccal fat anyways?” The buccal fat pad is naturally found in the cheek, right under the cheekbone. The size of this fatty pad will vary from patient to patient, but it is generally the size of a marshmallow.

Individuals who naturally have thin or narrow facial structures typically do not undergo a buccal fat pad removal.

Buccal Fat Removal

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

Everyone who is considering this procedure should have a consultation to determine whether they are individually a suitable candidate (discussed below). An obvious aspect, of course, is a round facial appearance with full cheeks.

Generally speaking, a suitable candidate for this procedure is someone who is physically healthy, does not smoke, and is within a good weight range for their height. Patients should also have realistic expectations as to what the procedure can do for them.

What to Expect During the Consultation

During your consultation Dr. Mardirossian will discuss with you what your surgical goals are. He will then take a detailed medical history report to ensure you are a suitable candidate. Some of the information gathered will include:

  • Any preexisting medical conditions you may have
  • Whether you smoke and/or consume alcohol on a constant basis
  • Any drug allergies you may have, as well as certain foods
  • Any ongoing medical treatments you may be receiving (including daily medications or supplements)

Photographs will also be taken of your face and a physical examination will be done. After all information is gathered, Dr. Mardirossian will discuss with you your options, as well as your expected outcomes. At the end of the consultation, you can schedule an appointment for the procedure.

Associated Risks and/or Complications

At your appointment, you will have all associated risk and complications explained to you in detail. While most people can have the procedure performed with little to no complications, all surgeries do carry a risk.

In general, surgeries such as this one could potentially cause excessive bleeding, infection, poor healing at the incision site, or prolonged swelling. Some may experience adverse reactions to the anesthesia used or have numbness or other sensation changes at the surgical site.

There is also a small risk of facial nerve and salivary duct injury. This is not a complete list of possible complications, however, so be sure to speak with Dr. Mardirossian about any concerns you may have.

After Your Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

You may be advised to remain on a soft diet for three to seven days following your procedure to allow for proper wound healing. Before you leave you will be given instructions on when to follow up and how to properly care for the incision sites.

Healing will take 1-2 weeks, during which time the swelling and potential bruising will continually decrease. Dr. Mardirossian and his staff will actively follow up with you to ensure that your healing is making good progress.

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