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Shaving and Contouring Procedures

5 Contouring Procedures for the Perfect Feminine Look

Shaving and Contouring Procedures

When considering facial feminization, there are a number of potential procedures that could be used to contour, or mold, particular aspects of the face to look more feminine. Many FFS surgery procedures will take advantage of these procedures to create an ideal look.

1. Mandible Contouring

The mandible is a part of the human jaw, and is therefore one of the most important aspects for the structure and appearance of a person’s face. A more rounded, narrow jaw is something most will associate with female, while broader, squarer jaws are better associated with masculinity. The chin can be reshaped fairly easily with a simple procedure that is commonly used for this purpose, where an incision is made through the mouth and the mandible reshaped from there.

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FFS Surgery Options

Transgender Patients Now Have More Facial Feminization Surgery Options than Ever Before

FFS Surgery Options

For those who identify as transgender, there are a number of ways to medically achieve the gender best identified with.  Fortunately, there are a great many options for facial feminization that can go a long way to completing the realization of gender that so many struggle with in today’s society.

Forehead Reconstruction

It may not be something that most would think of right away, but there are distinct differences between a male forehead and a female forehead that make it one of the most important parts of the face to be focused on in this kind of surgery. The primary difference between male and female foreheads is in the bone that runs just above the eyebrows; for men, there is often an edge to the bone, while females have smoother, flatter structures. Most surgeons will remove this bone and reshape it, sometimes by grinding it down and using bone cement, sometimes by reassembling it using wires and screws. Sometimes the eyebrows will be lifted at the same time to be placed in a more feminine position.

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How to Pick the Right FFS Surgeon for your Transition

FFS Surgeon

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is performed on men who would like to alter their appearances in a bid to look more feminine. This is an extremely sensitive topic for most people who are undergoing one or more of the related procedures, which is why it is crucial for them to ensure that they only approach a proper FFS surgeon. This will ensure that each and every procedure is performed safely as well as to the highest possible surgical safety standards.

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The Mainstream Journey for Transgenders

The Mainstream Journey for Transgenders

The Mainstream Journey for TransgendersThrough the decades we’ve seen many criticisms aimed at individuals who were interested in plastic surgery. To make things worse, if you were a male struggling to become a female, then the transgender process was very difficult.

As time and society changes, the journey for transgenders is becoming more popular and is much easier than ever before. Although the journey is still a long process that requires time, effort, and patience, the advancement in plastic surgery has allowed men to fulfill their dreams of successfully becoming a beautiful woman.

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How to Get the Appearance of a Feminine Jaw

How to Get the Appearance of a Feminine JawMen naturally have a strong chin and jawline. They are often characterized by their square, blunt appearance. But, a square jaw is not necessarily a “male” feature. In fact, some of the most beautiful women in the world—Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and Gisele Bundchen—have square jaws.

Despite square jaws being an acceptable look for women, the female jaw is still thinner than the male jaw, especially if you examine the angles that go behind the ears and down to the lower edge of the jawline. Most females with square jaws still have slightly rounded corners and the angles, while square, are not blunt.

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facelift Plastic Surgeon Florida

6 Ways to Feminize Your Eyes

6 Ways to Feminize Your EyesMen have thicker eyebrows and deeper set eyes than women. Their eyelids appear more closed, whereas a woman’s eyes are brighter, eyebrows are thinner and more angled, and the eyes are angled as well. If you want to feminize the look of your eyes, you still have a few options.

Professionally Shape the Eyebrows

An esthetician can thin out and reshape your eyebrows, giving them the appearance of thinner and more angled shapes. But, you need to visit a specialist who knows how to transform male eyebrows into female eyebrows because over plucking could give you a look that is too “drag” and not feminine.

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Mandible Contouring

Tips for Your Gender Transformation Journey

Tips for Your Gender Transformation JourneyIf you are a transgender or a male on your journey to becoming a female, the road to success can be scary. There are many major decisions you must make and choose your surgeries and surgeon careful because the choices you make can affect the end result of your transformation.

Although the decision alone can be an emotional and anxious experience, it should still be comfortable and allow you to be satisfied with every step along the way.

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3 Feminine Facial Features

FFS The process for facial feminization can be a delicate road to travel. Because men and women differ so greatly when it comes to facial features, it is important to understand what steps are needed to be taken and what features on the face need to change so your face can appear more feminine.

Women and transgender individuals who want to have more feminine facial features should focus on these three major areas of change.

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FFS - 4 Steps

4 Common First Steps In Facial Feminization Surgery

FFS - 4 StepsThere are many ways to differentiate a male and female – whether you’re looking at his or her body size, genitals or facial features.
Facial feminization surgery is a common procedure among both men and women. Some women choose to get the surgery so that their features can appear softer and more feminine. Men who choose to have this procedure done are usually transgender individuals who are in the process of transforming from male to female.
Regardless of the reason for facial feminization surgery, there are some steps you should take to help the process move along smoothly.

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(FFS) Facelifts and Feminization Surgery

Facelifts and Facial Feminization Surgery

(FFS) Facelifts and Feminization SurgeryAn individual searching for a male-to-female transgender transformation procedure wants to accomplish the most beautiful and natural results possible. At Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence, most of our patients select a facelift or combination of feminizing treatments to accomplish optimal results.

Facelift Feminise the Face

A facelift may restore a youthful facial appearance—and may even be life-changing in improving self-confidence. Additionally, facelifts may address most of the typical signs of aging, which include :

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