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new lip surgery

Is a New Lip Surgery on the Horizon?

new lip surgery

Women – and especially young women – have had a fascination with their lips for decades. Thick, full, pouty lips are considered beautiful and sexy, and because many women want to be beautiful and sexy themselves, they seek surgical procedures, implants, and injections. However, while stars like Pamela Anderson (in the 90s) and Kylie Jenner (more recently) were proud of their lip fillers and injections, these days, it’s all about lip lift surgery.

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Luscious Lips

Foolproof Ways to Get Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

If you want thick, plump, juicy lips like your favorite celeb, don’t fall for the viral challenges on the internet. Instead, take a look at the options below so you can get beautiful, natural-looking results that last. Some are topical, and others are surgical, but no matter which one you choose, you are sure to enjoy your new luscious and kissable lips.

Exfoliate Daily

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface layers of your lips, which can go a long way toward enhancing their healthy appearance. At the same time, though, exfoliation also stimulates blood flow, which fills out your lips and makes them look naturally plumper. The best way to exfoliate your lips is with a simple at-home scrub made from white sugar and honey. Just mix the two together, place it on your lips, and scrub away – gently. Rinse it off, repeat it daily, and you’ll see a tremendous difference in no time flat.

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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers – Juvederm & Restylane are the Two Best Options

Lip Fillers

Back in the 1990s, it wasn’t uncommon to see Hollywood celebrities who suddenly had big, full, pouty lips. Back in those days, surgeons often used silicone implants to provide the fullness in a procedure called a lip augmentation. While this is still available, these days, many surgeons have turned to lip fillers, instead. Two of the best and most revered products are Juvederm and Restylane, and for many patients, they’re a safer, more convenient solution.

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Selfie & Lip Procedures

How Selfies Fuel Lip Procedures

Selfie & Lip Procedures

Selfies have taken the world by storm.

In the past, our ability to admire the face was limited to small photos on magazine pages.

Now, we can to zoom in and get a great feel for the attractive facial features of the most beautiful people in the world.

Many are realizing that one of (if not the most) attractive facial feature is the lips.

This has lead to an increase in lip procedures.

How do I Know If a Lip Procedure is Right for Me?

You should consider a lip procedure if:

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lip augmentation

Enhance Your Lips

Many individuals look in the mirror and only notice one thing: something they want to change or improve. While these may not necessarily feel like flaws, the desire for a part of your body to appear fuller or younger doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The face is the most important feature on the human body. Your face is one of the first things someone sees, and we all know that first impressions are everything. Furthermore, your lips are probably one of the most important features of your face—aside from your eyes. While your eyes may be the gateway to the soul, the lips tell someone how to get there.

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Beautiful Lips with a Lip Lift

Get Beautiful Lips with a Lip Lift

Do you want beautiful, soft lips that are not only beautiful to the touch but also make you look younger? Consider lip lift plastic surgery to help rid wrinkles and the appearance of age, and finally have the beautiful, younger-looking lips you’ve always wanted.

So what causes aging in the lips that makes them look older, weaker, and less attractive? Often times, with age, is the descent of the upper lip, which ends up covering the teeth, giving one the appearance of looking older. Many may not consciously notice that when a younger person smiles, the upper lip reveals the top row of teeth, making his or her smile appear wide, bright, and beautiful.

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Top 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures

Have you ever considered plastic surgery? Plastic surgery might have a negative stereotype for some, but for others, it has changed their lives. While plastic surgery can certainly enhance certain features and areas on the human body, it can also be a cure for aging, scars, stretch marks, and other reconstruction procedures. In fact, West Palm Beach has some of the finest and most experienced plastic surgery physicians in the area. Here are the top five trending plastic surgery procedures.

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