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Preventative Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Can Also Be Preventative – 5 Treatments to Do Now Instead of Later

Preventative Plastic Surgery

Although a lot of cosmetic surgery is performed only after patients start noticing the first signs of aging appearing, more and more people are now realizing just how important it is to take preventative measures in this regard. Below are 5 examples of preventive plastic surgery procedures that can be carried out long before the first wrinkle – or even health-related issue – makes its first appearance.

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Dr. Vartan Mardirossian Discusses His Feelings on Helping One of the Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

boston bombings

When the topic of plastic surgery is discussed, many people tend to only think of cosmetic procedures such as face lifts, neck lifts or even Botox injections. However, this form of surgery can also be used as a means of assisting patients who have suffered facial injuries for any reason. One such example is a patient who had plastic surgery performed by Dr. Mardirossian a few days after the occurrence of the Boston Marathon bombing a few years ago.

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J-Lift Plastic Surgery Jupiter

What’s a J-Lift and Why Do I Need One?

Many people don’t notice their ‘turkey wattle neck’ until it’s too late. Most of the time, you don’t notice all of the excess skin on your neck until someone snaps a candid photograph of you—and then you see it.

Turkey wattle neck is a problem for many people and it can easily resolved with a minimally invasive procedure done by a plastic surgeon.

What is a J-Lift?

J-Lift Plastic Surgery JupiterA J-Lift is a popular facial rejuvenation procedure that tightens the skin around the jaw and upper neck. Because this procedure is natural and requires little to no plastic supplements, it is a good option for patients who want to reduce their ‘turkey wattle neck’ and improve their appearance. This article is a great explanation about what a J-Lift can do for a patient.

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Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence

Cosmetic Surgery: First Impressions Last the Longest

You can’t judge a book by its cover. But, you know, that doesn’t seem to stop us. Humans are judgmental, whether we like to admit it or not. We’ve all heard this before: The first impression lasts the longest—and it’s true too!

Studies from Princeton University indicate people make their first impressions just a fraction of a second after meeting someone for the first time. Trustworthiness, likeability, and attraction are all characteristics we can judge in less than one second.

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skin plastic surgery Boca Raton

Why Do We Get Wrinkles?

Wrinkles. Are they a way of life? Genetics? Perhaps your lifestyle choices have caused them? Regardless, once they happen, they can be difficult to treat. While wrinkles can also be certainly devastating, there are multiple reasons why we get wrinkles – and by knowing them, you may just be able to avoid a few.


 skin plastic surgery Boca Raton Age is a natural cause of wrinkles. This is because as you age, your skin loses its elasticity and becomes more fragile. Also, the drier your skin is, which also occurs with age, the deeper your wrinkles may appear. The fat that usually sits in the deeper layers of your skin also depreciates, leaving wrinkles behind.

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Plastic Surgeons West Palm Beach

Plastic Surgery Following an Accident

There is a lot on your plate following an accident. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional recovery, there is also physical recovery. Whether it is a motor vehicle accident, burn, or slip and fall, accidents cause significant damage to the facial tissue, muscles, and bones. But, these damages do not have to be permanent. Innovations in plastic surgery today have allowed skilled physicians to help accident victims return to their previous looks – if not better.

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Liposuction & Body Contouring

3 Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

If you are contemplating whether or not you should have a plastic surgery procedure done, it is important to weigh out the pros and cons of why the procedure would be a good decision for you.

 plastic surgeons west palm beach

People get plastic surgery for many different reasons, including a boost in their self-confidence or to help with a medical issue. Whatever the reason, once you have decided that plastic surgery is for you, the next step is deciding the kind of surgery.

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What Is Botox?

What is Botox? Are There Side Effects?

Botox is everywhere – in the celebrity news, on the Internet, even some of your close friends may have gotten Botox!

If you are considering having a simple and common procedure done by a qualified plastic surgeon, it is important to do a little research on Botox and decide if it is right for you.

What is Botox?

Botox is a therapeutic procedure, which has been used over the last twenty years. This procedure has been done for a number of reasons, including treating several medical conditions as well as moderating severe frown lines between the brows.What Is BotoxFor many people, Botox is used to reduce these severe frown lines. After having this procedure done, it can help a person feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance. Because age can cause your skin to become less elastic, these frown wrinkles can result in a permanent line. Botox can treat these lines, and allow you to look younger.

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PLASTICS - Does Plastic Surgery Leave Scars

Does Plastic Surgery Leave Scars?

Whatever you have dreamt about changing on your body, it is easy to turn your dream into a reality. Plastic surgery can be the answer to many problems a person may face, whether you are struggling with self-esteem or want to boost your confidence by changing something in your appearance.

PLASTICS - Does Plastic Surgery Leave Scars

One of the most important questions many people ask before they engage in a plastic surgery operation is whether or not the procedure will result in any scarring. There are several things you can do as a patient to help prevent and reduce scarring, but visiting a licensed, experienced, and qualified professional will be the best choice when it comes to having a procedure done that will result in minimal scarring.

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Turkey is for Thanksgiving

Turkey Is For Thanksgiving: Say Goodbye To Turkey Wattle Neck

Thanksgiving is a glorious holiday – whether you’re spending quality time with family and friends or simply looking forward to overindulging in a delicious meal.

For many people, Thanksgiving is a time to eat as much food as possible in one day and then hit the treadmill hard the next. Unfortunately, not every inch of fat on your body can be diminished by a long run on the treadmill.

If you’ve been dealing with the issue of ‘turkey wattle neck’, your best option may be to consider having a neck lift done to solve the problem!

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