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Drinking Water

Why Drinking Copious Amounts of Water Every Day is Vital for Great Skin

Drinking Water

Many people think that reaching for a glass of iced tea; cup of coffee or fizzy drink will help quench their thirst. While this may be true to an extent, there is no better way to fulfill the body’s need for refreshment than by drinking water. Although water is largely known for its essential role in preventing dehydration, drinking copious amounts of this natural, refreshing – and often almost free – beverage is also known to promote the healthiest skin possible as well.

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6 Things Every Patient Should Know About Botox

Botox has been used for years in cosmetic procedures and is a fixture on the Hollywood red carpet, but it is not meant just for movie stars. In fact, Botox offers a variety of benefits to patients—from preventing new wrinkles to relaxing existing wrinkles to giving you a more youthful appearance. If you are considering a Botox injection session, here are six things you should know.

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Only Work with a Professional

There are a lot of “professionals” out there offering Botox injections, but this technology goes beyond just knowing how to inject with a needle. Botox requires precision work, experience, and extensive training. For natural-looking, successful results, you need to work with a professional that uses Botox frequently and truly understands how it works as well as the potential complications and side effects.

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Skin Care Services West Palm Beach

3 Most Common Skin Care Procedures

Not all skin care procedures are invasive. In fact, the three most common skin care procedures performed in the U.S. are same day procedures that require little to no recovery time—and even better, they’re affordable for just about every budget. Each has their own unique set of benefits, purposes, and recovery considerations. The three most common include chemical peels, Botox treatments, and laser therapy.

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Aesthetician Skin Care Services

Plastic Surgery or Other Skin Care Treatment Procedure

While the Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence offers the best treatment in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and throughout the state of Florida, most are surprised to learn that we also offer aesthetician skin care services. We take great pride in our skin treatments and care methodologies as well as the products we have selected to perfect the face and body.

Aesthetician Skin Care ServicesWe welcome you to relax and enjoy your experience at Jacobson & Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence ! Our professional plastic surgery and skin care team want to ensure that each patient and client who visits our office feels like they are spending a day at the spa rather than undergoing plastic surgery or other skin care treatment procedure.

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Plastic Surgery For Body(1)

Top 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures

Have you ever considered plastic surgery? Plastic surgery might have a negative stereotype for some, but for others, it has changed their lives. While plastic surgery can certainly enhance certain features and areas on the human body, it can also be a cure for aging, scars, stretch marks, and other reconstruction procedures. In fact, West Palm Beach has some of the finest and most experienced plastic surgery physicians in the area. Here are the top five trending plastic surgery procedures.

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