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Reduction malarplasty, also referred to as a malar reduction or, even more simply, a cheekbone reduction, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of the cheekbones. Learning more about malar reduction, whether you are a candidate, and what you should expect can help you make more informed decisions about your health.

Common Candidates for Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Many of the patients who seek reduction malarplasty have one (or more) of the following features:

  • An especially broad face;
  • An unwanted “fierce” appearance (large malar can give the impression of anger in some cases);
  • An overly masculine appearance;
  • A flat facial structure, or;
  • Unwanted space below the malar.

Often, a large malar combined with a prominent jaw and angle can make the face appear too wide. Cheekbone reduction surgery aims to shave down the malar and create a more proportionate, narrower, and in some cases more feminine face. Malar reduction is incredibly popular in East Asia among populations known for their high, wide cheekbones. Though reduction malarplasty is not as well-known in the US (or the West in general), it can benefit many people who are self-conscious about the overall shape, size, and width of their faces. Dr Mardirossian is one of very few Western Surgeons who perform cheekbone reduction. During the consultation Dr Mardirossian will obtain a 3D CT images of your face in order to discuss the best option for you.

Preparing for Malar Reduction

The steps you should take to prepare for your cheekbone reduction surgery mimic the precautions associated with any surgery. You should stop smoking at least four to six weeks beforehand, and you should not drink any alcoholic beverages for at least a few days beforehand. Depending on your unique medical needs, you may be required to stop taking certain medications temporarily; you can learn more about this during your consultation by providing a thorough medical history and bringing a list of the medications you take.  

What the Procedure Involves

In order to reduce the size of the malar, surgeons may utilize one or more different tactics. Most cheekbone reductions involve cutting or shaving down the part of the cheekbone that is most prominent, known as the zygomatic arch, fixing the bone, and/or resituating muscles and fat pockets in the cheeks to enhance patients’ appearance. In some cases, removing excess fat from the cheek area can also reduce the perceived size of the malar arch. During the surgery, which is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, Dr Mardirossian makes incisions inside the mouth, which negates much of the possibility of visible scarring.

Recovering from Reduction Malarplasty

You will feel some pressure and discomfort after your surgery, but our team will work with you to manage any pain with the use of medication. Because it will hurt to make many facial expressions, to open your mouth widely or to chew solid food, you should expect to remain relatively still and eat only soft foods for the first few days. Bruising and swelling will subside by about two weeks after the operation, as will any remaining discomfort. Many patients are shocked the first time they look in a mirror; the swelling can be pronounced, and in some cases, cheeks may look even larger for a very short time. By the two-week mark, however, you should have a better idea of your result.

To learn more about cheekbone reduction surgery, or to find out whether you are a candidate, contact the team at Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics at (561) 642-0900 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Vartan Mardirossian offers numerous surgical and noninvasive facial procedures through his clinic in Jupiter, Florida.

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