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Chin Implant and Shaving Surgery: Chin Reduction

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Chin Reduction SurgeryThe chin shape varies greatly from men to women; therefore, chin shaving and implants (also referred to as genioplasty) is a common procedure during facial feminization surgery.

The male chin is naturally square and pointy, while the female chin is more refined and smooth. Chin shaving and re-contouring can dramatically change the look of a person’s face, making him or her instantly appear more feminine.

The Process of Feminizing the Chin

The chin is an area that can easily be reshaped and contoured for a more feminine appearance. Height, width, and even projection are altered using a shaving and implant procedure. Dr. Mardirossian will decide to remove portions of the chin (via shaving) or add contour (using implants), to successfully meet patients’ expectations.

The Genioplasty Procedure

  • Patients are given general anesthesia.
  • An incision is made inside the mouth, so that there are no scars visible on the outside chin.
  • The chin is then shaved down a few millimeters at a time until the desired height is reached.
  • The middle portion of the chin bone may be removed to create a pointier chin.
  • The surgeon may use an implant to soften or round the chin naturally.
  • The incision is then closed using self-dissolving sutures.

Recovery Following Chin Shaving and Implants

Expect to spend at least one night in the hospital following a chin shaving and implant procedure. Compression bandages will be applied over the chin to prevent bruising and clotting, but these will be removed after a day of recovery. Swelling will occur, but this is normal. You may also experience temporary numbness around your chin, but all issues should resolve within seven to ten days post-surgery.

What are the Complications for a Chin Shaving and Implant Procedure?

While chin shaving procedures are part of routine cosmetic surgery, some patients do encounter complications. To avoid these, it is imperative you follow all after-care instructions provided to you by your facial feminization surgeon. Some common complications include:

  • Infection
  • Permanent numbness around the chin
  • Asymmetry of the chin, but this can be corrected with follow-up surgery

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