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Diamond Abrasion

Pretty WomanThe Diamond Abrasion, superior to microdermabrasion in both results and comfort, is a mechanical peel that will diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin surface smoothness, generate a more balanced, even skin-tone, improve the appearance of scars, and reduce age spots and/or hyper-pigmentation (sun damage). May be used with equally effective results on face, hands, neck or chest. The ultrasound treatment with electrical stimulation is medically proven to tighten and lift facial muscles through facial aerobics and to increase your skins own collagen production. If acne or rosacea is a problem, ultra sound with salicylic acid is a highly effective treatment providing relief and results for either condition. The Diamond Abrasion and the ultrasound may be combined to form the perfect inside and out skin treatments designed to meet the goals of Dr. Jacobson’s result-oriented skin care programs.

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