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Eyelid Rejuvenation

Considering Eyelid Rejuvenation? Here are Some Tips

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Of all the plastic surgeries that can make you look younger, fresher, and happier overall, eyelid rejuvenation is one of the best. That’s also why it’s one of the most sought-after procedures to date. In 2016, some 200,000 people had eyelid lifts, which is a strong indicator of the popularity of the procedure. If you are thinking about eyelid rejuvenation, consider all the following tips.

Will Eyelid Rejuvenation Help You?

Eyelid rejuvenation can do a lot for your appearance, but it is best suited for individuals who have certain complaints. Individuals who have loose, crepey skin around the eyes, droopy eyelids, bags or puffiness under the eyes, or an overall tired look can benefit from eyelid rejuvenation. A simple lid lift on the top and/or bottom can make a tremendous difference in your appearance.

Go for Sculpted Lids – Not “Skinny” Lids

If your surgeon removes too much fat during a lid lift or eyelid rejuvenation surgery, it can detract from the rest of your face. When you are considering eyelid rejuvenation, be sure to ask to see previous patients’ results. Look for lids that have been sculpted and reshaped, and be wary if you see eyelids that look too thin. This typically means the surgeon removed too much fat from the area, and this can be off-putting.

Subtle Differences for Men and Women

Men and women often have different needs when it comes to eyelid surgeries. Women, for example, usually have more wrinkles and pulling around the lateral side of the eye, due in part to years of manipulation while applying and removing makeup. In this case, women will need an incision that is a bit larger than a man’s incision; it will need to extend a slight bit farther than the orbital rim (eye socket area) in order to prevent continued wrinkling and pulling in this area. Whereas pulling can age a woman quickly, men are a bit luckier in that a small amount of pulling will not make them look older.

Twilight Sedation vs. General Anesthesia

More and more patients are opting to remain awake during eyelid rejuvenation procedures performed on their lower lids. When you are under general anesthesia, your eyes close, and this makes it more difficult for your surgeon to determine the natural shape of your lower lid. If you choose twilight sedation, which means you are awake, but sedated and under local anesthesia, your eyes will remain open naturally. This will often allow your surgeon to provide you with better, more natural results.

Choose the Right Surgeon

The most important tip before having eyelid rejuvenation surgery involves choosing the right surgeon. The best way to find out which surgeon can best meet your needs – and which one makes you feel more comfortable – is with a consultation. During this time, you can view before-and-after photos, review the surgeons credentials, and ask the questions you need to ask to feel comfortable.

Eyelid rejuvenation surgery can take years off your face and improve your self-esteem dramatically. Before diving right in and scheduling your surgery date, though, remember all of the tips above and make the most of your consultations with plastic surgeons.

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