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FFS Journey

Planning Your FFS Journey? Focus on These Facial Procedures to Look the Most Feminine

FFS Journey

If you’re currently planning to begin undergoing facial feminization Surgery, you may be wondering which procedures will garner the most noticeable results. FFS is a brave part of the transgender journey towards revealing your true gender, but it can be rather expensive over the course of time. Therefore, you want to focus on the procedures which will allow your face to appear the most feminine in the least amount of surgeries. This will allow you to feel more like your confirmed gender quicker. Below are the five surgical procedures recommended by professionals to achieve maximum facial feminization in the least amount of surgeries.

1: Forehead Contouring

The forehead of men is heavier in appearance than that of females, which has a delicate oval contour to it. Men’s foreheads also tend to have a large ridge just above the eyebrows, which casts a shadow over their eyes, so they appear smaller and darker. Women, on the other hand, do not typically possess this brow ridge so the light can flow into the eyes for a brighter and larger appearance. By thinning and reshaping the forehead, the face immediately becomes significantly more feminine.

2: Tracheal Shave

A tracheal shave diminishes the appearance of an Adam’s Apple, which is the noticeable bulge located on a man’s neck. This step is vitally important in FFS as women do not have these, whereas men do. As such, an Adam’s Apple can be a determining factor in the outwardly appearing gender of an individual. By diminishing its appearance, you can appear much more noticeably feminine than before.

3: Hairline Advancement

A man’s hairline is located farther up on the forehead than a female’s is. It also tends to form in the shape of an M, whereas women’s hairlines are more gently sloping along the brow. Hairline advancement works by bringing your hairline lower down on the forehead, in a much more feminine shape. This gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair, and simultaneously makes the forehead appear shorter.

4: Hair Restoration  

While women can possibly lose their hair or have it thin out, the issue tends to be more dominant in males. Hair restoration can give you a fuller, youthful, and more feminine head of hair by replacing hair follicles that have fallen out or died with healthy ones. Hair that is full, long, and vibrant is a great way to rapidly appear more feminine.

5: Mandible Contouring

The mandible or jaw is much thicker and heavily angled in the male face versus in a female. By shaving down the jaw line and reshaping it in a gently flowing feminine manner, transgender patients can alter the entire look of their lower face. When paired with forehead contouring and/or hairline advancement, the entire face is then altered.

If you are planning out your FFS journey, focus on these five procedures first to garner maximum results in the least amount of time.

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