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West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon Uses Gender Differences to Guide Techniques

Revealing Secrets of Plastic Surgery

You can’t judge a book by its cover. But, you know, that doesn’t seem to stop us. We humans are a judgmental breed—whether we like to admit it or not. That applies to people, not just book covers. We’ve heard this before: The first impression lasts the longest—and it’s true too! Studies from Princeton University indicate people make their first impressions just a fraction of a second after seeing someone’s face for the very first time. Trustworthiness, likeability, attraction—we can judge all these things in less than one second.

Dr. VartanMardirossian, a renowned facial plastic surgeon at Dr. Jacobson & Dr. Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence in the West Palm Beach area, Jupiter, Florida joins WHDT as a special guest.

With the holidays coming up, for example, a husband is thinking about buying plastic surgery for his wife, but he’s not really sure how that conversation will go over. How would you recommend he bring that up?

Dr. Mardirossian: We have to be very careful when we have one party inquiring about plastic surgery for another because we have to make sure that the person undergoing the procedure is absolutely convinced that he or she needs it. And we have to make sure that they have realistic expectations. This is one area where we take the time to listen in our office here in Jupiter, Florida. We make sure that the expectations of the patient are realistic and that the desire to have plastic surgery is actually his or her own desire. That is of paramount importance.

We understand that you’ve done a lot of work on cosmetic surgeries all over the world. We also understand that you were able to help some victims after the Boston Marathon bombing. How much did that mean to you, as a doctor, to be able to help a patient recover after the Boston Marathon bombing?

It meant a lot. This is actually one of the moments when I realized that my future lies within facial plastic surgery. Taking care of the victims of the marathon bombing was absolutely important for my professional decisionand very determining. In particular, I took care of a patient that had a problem with the movement of their face after the explosion. A shrapnel of material had severed a facial nerve. My first time in the operating room with this patient I had to restore the integrity of his ear, which was also lacerated. The second time I had to reconnect determinations of the facial nerve to give him movement of the forehead. After the patient came to after the first procedure, we discovered that he had additional injuries, so we had to prepare him for a second procedure, perform all the appropriate diagnostic tests, and get him back to the operating room, because we had a short window of time to have the best results.

From what we understand, the Marathon Bombing isn’t your only connection to Boston. Dr. Mardirossian studied abroad before doing advanced research at MIT and Boston University. Do you still keep in touch with people in Boston? Do you have any patients there? Do you have any connection with people in Boston still?

Absolutely. I am in closeness with all my colleagues and some of my mentors at Boston University. We meet at meetings. I was recently there and we went Trick-or-Treating with a good friend of mine. It’s a deep relationship and a deep connection. That’s why I did spend my first years in the United States before coming to the Sunshine State.

What’s the recovery period like for the average patient who would go through one of these procedures?

Of course it depends on the type of procedure, but what we pride ourselves here at the Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence here in Jupiter is that we perform minimally invasive approaches for the usual procedures. For example, we specialize in minimally invasive face lifts and neck lifts with minimal incisions and without the need to incubate the patient during the procedures.

During recovery, are patients staying in a facility for some time?

Most of our patients recover in outpatient setting. Some of them can choose to go to the so-called ‘mid-level facilities’, but most of them really go home with a caregiver, and they have a predictably short down time after the procedure. The techniques of anesthesia we use limit the pain after the procedure, which is also very important, and the dressings are kept for 18 to 24 hours only.

Of course, there are certainly several different options—everything from lip lifts to eye lids, a J-Lift—how much do operations like this normally cost?

For a J-Lift, in reality, is a minimally invasive face lift and neck lift, so the cost is around $6,000 to $7,000 dollars. A lip lift could be just under $2,000 dollars. In particular, the lip lift is a nice lunch time procedure, which is performed in our office in thirty to forty-five minutes. It’s a nice rejuvenation option for the upper lip. Over time, the upper lip gets longer, and it covers the upper teeth. What we do with the lip lift is we contrast the effect of time and in this way we give a natural appearance to a fuller lip, and a very youthful-looking smile.

How are typical procedures paid for? Do patients receive a referral from their physicians?

Most plastic surgery procedures are paid out of pocket, but some insurance companies will pay for procedures. We find here that word-of-mouth is the most common referral method as well as repeat customers. Patients are also interested in our background, training, experience, cases, and we are always more than happy to provide prospective patients with any credentials, testimonials, and other cases to help them make informed decisions about their procedures.

Plastic surgery has grown in popularity and more affordable over the years. Many techniques have become minimally invasive and down time for recovery is relatively short. Cosmetic surgery is now closer to patients today than ever before.

How is a patient’s self-esteem affected by a procedure?

Self-esteem is a major psychological factor. Cosmetic surgery significantly helps improve self-esteem in patients. And this goes back to the initial question: What happens if a husband wants to purchase cosmetic surgery for a wife? We here at the Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence take the time to discuss and go over the pros and cons are to each procedure for each individual case and patient so that he or she fully understands the outcome.

Is there a stigma attached to plastic surgery?

We, as humans, are judgmental. And we do admit that some stigma does exist in some environments. However, the most important aspect to cosmetic surgery is for the patient to feel better about their appearance and themselves after a procedure.

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