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Social Media Shaping the Plastic Surgery

Is Social Media Shaping the Plastic Surgery Industry?

Social Media Shaping the Plastic Surgery

The invention of social media has shaped our world in countless ways. Our primary way of communicating with one another is different now, and even the way we first hear of major events has been altered. There is an innumerable list of items we could provide here that have been transformed in one way or another due to the rise of social media, but we’ll spare you. Instead, we want to look specifically at whether social media has had any lasting effect on the plastic surgery industry.

Unfortunately, the answer is not cut and dry. On one hand, it has most certainly shaped the industry. On the other hand, it hasn’t altered the founding principles of the business. Let’s take a closer look at what this means.

How Social Media Has Changed the Industry

The biggest part social media has had in shaping the plastic surgery industry is in the way people view it. Not but a few decades ago, plastic surgery was a very taboo topic. It was not something to tell people you’d had done, and if people found out their reaction was often disdain. You’d be bombarded with a myriad of questions and misunderstandings.

Why would you want to change the way you look? What was wrong with the nose or breasts you were born with? Why is a procedure necessary to alter your wrinkles, laugh lines, or facial structure when they are only a natural part of aging?

With the birth of social media (and the help of some strong-willed individuals), plastic surgery has become an accepted form of body alteration – right along with a wider acceptance of tattoos, piercings, and changing hair trends.

Today’s world is all about loving your body. If you don’t love your nose, or if you’d love yourself more with larger breasts, the current generation says change it! You are the one who must inhabit your body, after all, and nobody else. YOUR opinion of what makes you beautiful and confident is entirely up to you. People are much more generally accepting of an individual’s choices, with even the transgender community gaining strong support.

On a smaller scale, the way plastic surgery professionals communicate with their clients has also been shifted. Customers can ask questions publicly; which surgeons are then able to answer for the benefit of all. Plastic surgery professionals are also able to post images, articles, and other pertinent information for their clients on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This keeps them in the forefront of their client’s mind, and potentially leads to more business.  

What Hasn’t Changed

What social media hasn’t changed is how people are performing plastic surgery. The procedures are the same in many cases, and where they have been improved we can not say social media has played any part. The results have also not been altered by this modern technology. Where there have been improvements in outcomes, we can once again say social media has had no definitive part to play.

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