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Laser Treatment in West Palm Beach

Refresh Your Skin Imperfections with Laser Therapy Provided by Skin Care Specialists

Laser Therapy West Palm BeachDr. Jacobson has been using Laser Therapy since 1978. Every year there are noticed improvements in Laser Technology. Currently Dr. Jacobson and Dr Mardirossian utilize different Lasers, each one performing a different function treating problems such as red marks, brown marks, scars, tattoos, stretch marks, wrinkles, hair removal and so on. The newest Laser Therapy involves Non Invasive Lasers. This technology improves wrinkling and scarring without pain – redness or down time.The color and texture of the skin can be improved through lasers, diamond abrasion, and chemical applications. Brown spots and red spots found commonly on the chest and back are easily treatable.

You can look and feel years younger. We revitalize your skin quickly and with a minimum of discomfort. All skin conditions are treatable and your particular situation is no exception. We specialize in modern skin care. If you are concerned with the state of your skin or interested in your skin care options, please contact us to set an appointment to discuss your skin care solutions.

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