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Lateral Browlift

A browlift restores a youthful fresh appearance to the upper face. Often times a drooping or furrowed brow can make you look sad or angry. With time the forehead can slide down, causing hooding of the upper eyelids and even visual field limitations. An aesthetically pleasing eyebrow position has an important role in a person`s expression and youthful look. Hooding of the upper eyelids is usually the combined result from a sagging brow along with excess upper eyelid skin. A forehead lift or a browlift can address these changes.

The ideal eyebrow is rounded at the center and tapers towards the sides, and starts above the nose and extends toward the corner of the eye. Generally, in women, the head of the brow starts over the bone of the eye socket then arches delicately upward, the peak being toward the corner of the eye, whereas in men it should be more horizontal.

The browlift procedure usually entails a fine incision that runs within the hairline and elevation of the eyebrows in a pleasing aesthetic position. A dressing is left only for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Once the dressing is removed ointment is applied to the incisions and the sutures are removed in 8-10 days. The incisions heal as an invisible line thanks to the special incision technique we use, allowing the hairs to grow through the incision.

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