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mandible contouring ffs

How Does Mandible Contouring Feminize the Face?

mandible contouring ffs

Facial feminization surgery, or FFS, consists of one or more individual procedures designed to provide a softer, more feminine facial appearance. Mandible contouring is one such procedure, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most common. Learning more about the surgery and how it can provide a more attractive feminine appearance can help you make better decisions about the procedures right for you.

What Is Mandible Contouring?

Mandible contouring is a procedure in which a facial plastic surgeon alters the appearance of the mandible (jawbone) to give it a softer and more rounded appearance. The surgeon performs the procedure under general anesthesia, and because the surgeon makes the incisions used to access the jaw on the inside of the mouth, there is no visible scarring. The result is a visibly smaller, more rounded, and more feminine jawline. Mandible contouring is sometimes performed alongside chin surgery to help balance facial features, but this is not always the case.

The Mandible and Gender Perception

When it comes to facial features, there is little doubt that some are typically associated with men whereas others are more feminine in nature. Some of the most common “male” facial characteristics include a broad forehead, a protruding brow, a wide and squared jaw, and a sharp chin that may or may not have a cleft. Men who have these features are often viewed as attractive; women, on the other hand, may want to feminize these features in order to look softer and more beautiful.

The Effects of Mandible Contouring

By reducing the size of the mandible, and by softening any harsh or protruding edges, it is possible to reduce the appearance of a trait that is almost always associated with men. Reducing the size of the jaw may have other effects, as well. In some cases, it can make the cheekbones appear higher and fuller – another feature that is commonly attributed to beautiful women. In others, a more rounded mandible can make the lips appear fuller and the eyes appear bigger, both of which are common characteristics of the female face.

Are You a Candidate for Mandible Contouring?

Though mandible contouring is most common among women who want to sculpt a more feminine appearance, men have benefitted from the procedure to a degree, as well. Anyone who is interested in reducing the size of the mandible, whether to draw attention away from the jaw or to highlight the appearance of other facial features, is a good candidate for mandible contouring. Your surgeon will require you to be in good health, and you will also be able to learn more about the procedure and its risks during your consultation.

Though mandible contouring is not as popular as lip augmentation or even facelifts in terms of facial plastic surgery, it is quickly becoming one of the most commonly requested surgical procedures among transgender women interested in improving their overall feminine appearance. Though the results are quite subtle, they can enhance almost every other facial feature, including your eyes, your lips, and even your cheekbones, giving you an all-around softer and more feminine appearance.

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