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Meghan Markle

Well, That Didn’t Take Long – The Meghan Markle Nose is the Newest Plastic Surgery Trend

Meghan Markle

Just like fashion, entertainment, and just about anything else, trends in plastic surgery come and go. Patients walk into their surgeons’ offices every day asking for the same lips, eyes, or nose as beloved celebrities and other public figures. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is the latest object of affection, and women across the country are flocking to plastic surgery clinics asking for the “Meghan Markle Nose” rhinoplasty procedure.

Meghan’s Influence on Trends

Meghan Markle has been in the public eye for quite some time, and during that time, she has become a huge influencer when it comes to fashion and appearance. At 36 years old, she’s responsible for trends like the beret, mismatched earrings, and even one-of-a-kind coats. When Meghan wears an outfit, it sells out within hours. It comes as little surprise to many that Meghan’s nose is also highly desirable.

Evidence of a New Trend

Dr. Michael Somenek, a plastic surgeon in the Washington DC area, recently sat down for an interview with NBC Washington to answer questions about the newest trend in plastic surgery. In his experience, women find Meghan’s nose attractive because of the definition of the tip and the natural-looking hump smack in the middle of the bridge. Dr. Somenek says the trend started after the Duchess announced her engagement to Prince Harry in November of last year, and since the wedding, surgeries have escalated.

Can It Be Done?

Dr. Somenek says that while not everyone’s nose can be sculpted to match Meghan’s, it is possible to provide most patients with the definition and hump that makes her nose so popular in the first place. Unlike past celebrity nose obsessions, Dr. Somenek is pleased that women are embracing natural look of the humped bridge, and it may even help women all over the world accept their own flaws with open arms.

Per the surgeon, even patients who are not candidates for a traditional rhinoplasty – or those who are not interested in invasive surgery – a type of “liquid rhinoplasty” may be able to provide similar results. Essentially, surgeons can inject liquid filler in such a way that it completely reshapes and refines patients’ noses in about 10 minutes. There’s very little discomfort and no recovery time, making it ideal – and much more affordable – for those who want to look like Meghan without the pain.

The Future of Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgery trends are not likely to go anywhere any time soon. Prior to Meghan Markle, women wanted a nose just like Kim Kardashian. What’s more, when Kate Middleton married Prince William to become the Duchess of Cambridge, all eyes were on her sister, Pippa, and her butt. People flocked to their plastic surgeons asking for implants, fillers, and surgeries to mimic that, as well. As long as there are people in the public eye, those people will influence trends in plastic surgery – and surgeons are happy to do their best to oblige.

The Meghan Markle nose isn’t the first plastic surgery trend set by a Duchess, celebrity, or public figure, and it certainly won’t be the last. For the time being, though, it’s one of the biggest trends in the industry. The fascination with Meghan’s nose is a fantastic indicator that women are more willing to embrace such imperfections and love their own perceived flaws.

Image Source: Wikipedia – Tabled for Reuse

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