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Men Getting Plastic Surgery

5 Reasons Why More Men are Diving into the Facial Plastic Surgery Scene

Men Getting Plastic Surgery

Just a few decades ago, plastic surgery was something only women did – and they rarely talked about it or even admitted it afterward. These days, though, things have certainly changed. More men than ever before are embracing the benefits of facial plastic surgery, and they are doing so for a variety of reasons.

More Self Esteem

Self-esteem issues are not limited to just women since men can feel just as self-conscious about their appearances. Things like scars and the natural aging process can take a toll on one’s youthful looks, and over time, this can lead to low self-esteem and perhaps even depression. Over the last several years, men have discovered that plastic surgery can be an excellent solution. With newer and less invasive procedures available, it’s possible to look younger than ever with little recovery time, and that’s attractive to today’s men.

Competition in the Workplace

Technology is advancing at an astounding rate, and it’s a common misconception that only younger people are capable of keeping up. Unfortunately, despite discrimination laws, employers in many industries prefer to hire and promote younger people who they believe are better versed in the latest technologies and the freshest perspectives. Today’s men seek plastic surgery in order to appear younger and more relevant in the workplace for these reasons. Some find that maintaining a youthful appearance helps them gain the respect of their coworkers and colleagues.

It’s Socially Accepted

Plastic surgery was once taboo, especially for men. Even women were ridiculed for having “work done” rather than aging gracefully. Over time, and as procedures have evolved to provide a more natural result, people have grown more curious about them and they are no longer taboo. In today’s society, people share stories of their favorite injectables, procedures, and even surgeons, and now that the floor is open for discussion, the social stigma has all but disappeared. This helps men who want plastic surgery to feel more comfortable.

Keeping Up with the Women

As more and more women head to their surgeons to get facelifts and brow lifts and rhinoplasty, many men feel as if they are simply not keeping up unless they too have these procedures. Plastic surgery can shave decades off one’s appearance, which can make a husband and wife of the same age appear to have a 10 or 20-year age gap, and this makes men feel incredibly self-conscious. By scheduling their own surgeries, men feel as if they remain more desirable to women their own age.

Gender Affirmation

Finally, men have begun seeking plastic surgery for gender affirmation, whether they are transgender men or transgender women. Some ciswomen seek the services of facial plastic surgeons to help enhance their masculine features through surgeries, injectables, and other treatments. What’s more, cisgender men have more options available for facial feminization than ever before, which has also led to a dramatic increase in the number of surgeries being performed on men.

Though the number of men who actively and openly sought plastic surgery was once very, very small, times are indeed changing. As plastic surgery becomes less taboo and more socially acceptable, and as today’s men begin to respond to the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives, they will continue to seek facial plastic surgery in growing numbers year after year.

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