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Neck Lift – Look younger in just an hour!

Dr. Alan L. Jacobson and Dr. Vartan Mardirossian apply Easy Neck Lift Surgery Procedure in West Palm Beach, Jupiter and all over Florida

Plastic Surgery Center West Palm BeachIt is common in men and women who age to develop sagging skin beneath the chin and around the neck. Highly qualified plastic surgeons like Dr. Alan L. Jacobson and Dr. Vartan Mardirossian are able to use the neck lift technique to correct this without the need for general anesthesia or major surgery.

A neck lift is a simple procedure which requires two 1-1.5 inch incisions behind both ears and a one inch incision beneath the chin. The surgeon will remove fatty deposits and excess skin while also repositioning the underlying muscles and soft tissue. This produces a more defined jawline and smoother skin along the neck. The incisions are carefully repaired with fine sutures and scarring is virtually nonexistent.

This procedure has become exceeding popular due to its short procedural length and recovery time (which is usually only a few days). Many patients are able to complete the surgery within a few hours and able to leave the doctor’s office that day.

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