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Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery

Recovering from Facial Feminization Surgery: What You Should Know

Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery

If you’re scheduled for facial feminization surgery, there’s a very good chance you are experiencing an excitement unlike anything else you’ve ever felt before. This is your opportunity to become the person you’ve always been and feel happy about the woman staring back at you in the mirror. Despite this excitement, it’s vital that you take the time to prepare yourself for the recovery. Though it’s different for everyone, here are a few things to keep in mind.

You’ll Go Home Fairly Soon After your FFS Surgery

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, you will likely go home very soon after your surgery – either later the same day or the very next day. This depends primarily on the doctor you choose and the facility where your surgery is conducted. Some doctors prefer to keep their patients in the hospital or clinic for a day or two afterward, but others prefer to allow their patients to rest at home. Talk to your doctor about his or her expectations regarding your scheduled procedures.

Bedrest is a Must

Things won’t go back to normal for you as soon as you get home. You will most likely be advised to keep strenuous activity to a minimum for a certain period. You may be able to perform simple tasks, such as walking to the restroom, taking a bath, or pouring a glass of water but activities like exercise will simply have to wait. You will not be able to return to work right away or lift anything weighing more than five pounds until your doctor gives the okay.

There Will Be Slight  Discomfort

You will likely experience some discomfort after your surgery due to the FFS procedures themselves and the bruising and swelling that follows. Your surgeon will prescribe you medication to help you stay as comfortable as possible during this period. Be sure to be honest with your FFS surgeon about your pain and take your pain medications as needed and as prescribed. Keep in mind that pain medications often work best when you take them before the pain is overwhelming. Your surgeon will also advise you on how to use heat or ice to reduce swelling, which can also alleviate pain.

FFS Results Take Time

A few days after surgery, your swelling will be at its maximum and you will look absolutely nothing like yourself. This is normal, and it is to be expected; remember this is not an accurate reflection of what your results will look like. In fact, most FFS patients won’t realize their actual results for about three months after the surgery until all the redness, swelling, and bruising has dissipated.

You Should Have a Support System

Finally, it is important for you to have a friend or family member on standby to help you for the first couple of weeks after your surgery. You may need reminders to take your medication or someone to help steady you as you walk. You will need someone to drive you home after you are discharged, and it never hurts to have someone around to help keep an eye on your wellbeing after any surgical procedure.  

There’s little doubt that facial feminization surgery can change your entire life for the better, but it’s important that you go into it with the right set of expectations. To learn more, talk to other women who have undergone FFS in the past to learn about their experiences, but remember that no two experiences are ever exactly the same.


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