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female eyes

Why Your Eyes Show Your Age (or Youth) the Most

female eyes

Per the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s journal, Ophthalmology, people make judgements of others’ age based almost solely on their eyes and the skin around them. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it seems that people can tell just how old your soul might be just by looking at them.

The Unique Study

Researcher Huy Tu Nguyen, MD, who works with the Harvard Department of Ophthalmology, along with his colleagues, studied 47 younger adults who were asked to look at and analyze the faces of older adults on a computer screen. These individuals were fitted with special eye-tracking cameras that allowed the researchers to better understand the parts of the faces the individuals looked at the longest.

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Want to Look 10 Years Younger? A Blepharoplasty Can Do That


People have been searching for a fountain of youth for centuries, and as a result, there are many different skin creams, injectables, and surgeries that have been developed to make you look younger. One of the best ways to take at least 10 years off your appearance is blepharoplasty, otherwise known as an eye lift.  

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery designed to make the eyes appear younger. It may consist of techniques like removing excess skin from the upper eyelid folds or removing fat and skin from the lower eyelids to resolve bagginess. While it is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, older individuals sometimes demonstrate a true medical need. There are cases in which sagging eyelid skin can impair vision, so blepharoplasty may actually restore some of their sight in these cases.

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