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ffs journey

The Importance of Facial Feminization Surgery in the Transgender Journey

ffs journey

Many people today believe that facial feminization surgery – also known as FFS – is a strictly cosmetic procedure meant to enhance a person’s looks. This notion, however, is false.

For many transgender people, FFS is a matter of seeing on the outside what they feel on the inside – not to mention a huge safety matter.

When transgender, it does not matter where you are or what you are doing. At any time, you could become the victim of extreme violence due to anti-LGBTQ activists, certain religious communities, or simply a close-minded person in general. Although all people are at risk for bullying or street violence, the transgender community is at as much as two to three times at risk. They are often sought out to be targeted and are often the victims of sex crimes simply because of “who they are” – or rather, what some people see them as.

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FFS Journey

Planning Your FFS Journey? Focus on These Facial Procedures to Look the Most Feminine

FFS Journey

If you’re currently planning to begin undergoing facial feminization Surgery, you may be wondering which procedures will garner the most noticeable results. FFS is a brave part of the transgender journey towards revealing your true gender, but it can be rather expensive over the course of time. Therefore, you want to focus on the procedures which will allow your face to appear the most feminine in the least amount of surgeries. This will allow you to feel more like your confirmed gender quicker. Below are the five surgical procedures recommended by professionals to achieve maximum facial feminization in the least amount of surgeries.

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