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Transgender Health Insurance

Starbucks Gets More Proactive with Transgender Employee Insurance

Transgender Health Insurance

For many years, transgender employees have lobbied for better health insurance that helps pay for everything from hormone treatments to gender reassignment surgery. That lobbying appears to have sparked Starbucks – one of the best-known coffee shops in the country – to include numerous treatments common among transgender patients in their list of covered services.

Employee Healthcare for Transgender Employees in America

Per a paper published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2014 titled The State of Transgender Health Care: Policy, Law, and Medical Frameworks, about 0.3% of the American population identify as transgender, representing roughly one million people. The same paper also argues that many of the medical procedures and treatments sought by transgender people across the country are, in fact, medically necessary. Nonetheless, the vast majority of employer-provided healthcare policies do not cover the treatments, claiming they are no different from other cosmetic procedures.

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