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Voice Feminization

Why Voice Feminization Is Important in The FFS Journey

Voice Feminization

Voice feminization is an integral step in the journey undergone by transgender individuals seeking gender confirmation. But what is voice feminization exactly, and why is it so important?

What It is

Voice feminization is a process where a man’s voice is altered so that it can be higher pitched like a female’s. A man’s vocal cords are longer, which produce a deeper sound and more vibrations. These differences are very distinct and defining when it comes to a person’s gender.

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voice feminization

Voice Feminization Surgery – The Perfect Finishing Touch to an FFS Journey

voice feminization

Gender reassignment surgery, facial feminization surgery, and voice feminization surgery are often considered the trinity of transitioning. Often, facial feminization comes first, followed by voice feminization. A higher, more feminine voice is much like the frosting on the cake, and those who have FFS are considering it more often than ever before.

Feminization is More than Just Outward Appearance

When you think of the word “feminine”, you likely think of softness and kindness. During facial feminization surgery, plastic surgeons work to recontour and soften prominent facial features to create a more attractive and feminine appearance. However, the word “feminine” is about more than just appearances; it’s about all five senses. Your voice can certainly have a tremendous impact on the way you view yourself – and the way others view you, too. Voice feminization can help you feel and sound more feminine than before.

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