Best Experience

Diane, I am fine, in fact I want to thank Everyone there for The Best experience this morning, and I would like to ask you to please pass it on tomorrow. If everyone has an email you can forward this, and/or tell them . . . whatever works for you.

I would like to thank YOU, of course, for ALL of the Support IN EVERY WAY through the Years. AND Carolyn – who goes WAY above and beyond what her job description is – and with whom I feel as comfortable as I could imagine!!!

I am so happy that Darlene is with you! I think that GOD has a special place in God’s heart for Darlene – her personality is unique, she emits warmth and her smiles are as re-assuring as are the nice things she injects into your lines!

I can’t miss thinking of Michelle and Linda in the Operating room and also Joan: she is so patient with all of us as she navigates the phones and front desk. I have also come to so appreciate Rosalia – the most compassionate and honest. She is an addition to the calm, reassuring individuals there.

And not least or last at all, Dr. M! I have come to believe that he DOES listen to what I want, then he puts it through his extraordinarily well-trained and well-educated brain, then filters it through his Artistic gifts and great Abilities to SEE what Can be, and he comes up with What IS the solution! Amazing. While it has been a short time to make a connection with Dr. M., I felt quite at ease with him and formed a nice and I believe, honest, repertoire with him from the first time I met him. He has a good sense of humor, and is plugged in with the now.

Carol W, Jupiter FL September 15

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