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Torn Earlobe Repair

Low Risk Torn Earlobe Repair Procedure by Plastic Surgery Center in West Palm Beach and all of Florida

Torn Earlobe Plastic Surgery Palm BeachIt is fairly common for patients who wear earrings during sleep to develop enlarged or torn earlobes.  This can distort the earlobe and make it difficult or impossible to wear certain pieces of jewelry.  However, this can be easily rectified with a minimally invasive procedure at the Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence.

This cosmetic procedure can be completed in our office while the patient is under local anesthesia.  The surgeon will delicately remove any scarred or damaged tissue and then suture the hole in the earlobe.  Within a week the small sutures are removed, allowing the ear to return to its natural state.  In a month’s time, the patient can return to the doctor’s office to re-pierce their ear.  This is a low risk procedure with a very low probability of bleeding or bruising.  A topical antibiotic ointment should be applied on the earlobes to minimize risk of infection.

The Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence website has more information about torn earlobes repair, or you may call 561-624-0900 to discuss the procedure with an expert.

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