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Treatment Options for Upper Arms

Thermitight-picture-armsWith aging the skin of the arms loses elasticity and becomes very crepey. This correction is easily accomplished using our “No Loose Skin” RF procedures. This procedure done under local anesthetic will tighten the skin of the arms (or any other location). It is like turning back the hands of time to reset that aging point. When there is also excess fat associated with the sagging skin liposaure or smart lip can be done. There is minimal down time and discomfort and the results improve over time. Some patients may not be candidates for these minimally invasive procedures and may require more aggressive procedures where the skin and fat is surgically removed. In these procedures the patients have an incision which can be from the elbow to the armpit or a small incision well camouflaged within the arm pit area.

There are a group of patients who experience excessive sweating which is not controlled with traditionally methods. This group of patients are good candidates for Botox treatment to the arm pits. Done in less than 10 minutes the drying benefits of Botox can last 5-7 months. Other options for a longer lasting treatment include RF and laser procedures to the axillary area.

For the latest updates in treatment of lax and crepey skin of the neck, chest, arms and legs, please refer to the section “Exciting news in minimally invasive skin tightening” or call our Office at 561-624-0900.

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